What The Election Means to This Small Business Owner

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Trying to reason the outcomes from yesterday does no good.  Clearly, we are a very divided country.  I am on the wrong side of the divide and now have to rethink a number of aspects of my life.  I started my working life in the same year Ronald Reagan was elected and lived those first years experiencing first hand the idealism that a “rising tide lifts all ships.”  For the following 30 years I embraced that philosophy and actually worked very hard to be a part of the rising tide.   This morning I now believe that the majority no longer believe in this philosophy.  I want to be patriotic and say great things about the future, but I am first going to have to reconcile that the future will be much different than the one I imagined.

As a business owner, the difficulties of the last four years cannot be exaggerated.  The huge tax bills are not imagined.  Interestingly, Jennifer and I work our tails off 24/7 just to be told that we need to pay our “fair share” while struggling to make a payroll, and pay for a home, college, and groceries.  Strangely, there is not much left over for us.  We are the middle class…with a business and the opportunity to create employment and hopefully, maybe, a better life for our family and employees.  The risks we have taken to get here are substantial with many costing us in ways that include hundreds of thousands of dollars and our enthusiasm for being an employer.  Now, the majority have spoken.  It feels like the majority has kicked people like us to the curb.  I keep hearing “you didn’t build that” in my head and wonder how we are at this point this morning?  For almost 20 years I have employed at least one person.  The taxes we pay, and how little we have at the end of the day, would surprise most readers.  It is not a small burden for the small businessman.

I fear the majority opinion of last night is now a part of the fabric of America.  The majority is of the opinion that people like us, the small business owners of America, need to be bled dry.  Somehow we are not paying our fair share.  Of course, providing jobs is a major problem in this economy.  I believe the job creators in America did speak last night.  We are just not respected or of the majority.  Nor will we likely ever be.

There is not a lot of blood left in this turnip.  Please don’t say wait until 2016.  What happened across America last night was a statement that won’t make a difference in 2016.  People like me are now faced with using this information and adjusting our lives to best take care of our families.

I hoped 2008 was an aberration.  It was not. It is the majority.  My years of hard work and efforts to provide employment and a better life to lots of people now seems destined to be seriously challenged if not near ending.  I believe our President is a good man.  It is not personal.  These are words from the trenches.  I hope I see something that allows me to post that I was wrong.

Hope won’t pay our bills.  And there is no change on the horizon.