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Out With The Old..In With The New

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In the tradition of what everybody seems to do at the end of a year (or is this a decade?)
NewYearsBaby.jpgI am compiling a list.  I digress for just a second.  Remember the big controversy at the turn of the century when calendar historians showed us the century really did not end until 12/31/2000 and not 12/31/1999?  So, they put this little damper on the idea of party like its 1999!  That no longer seems to be an issue as all I have seen this week is lists of the top things of this decade.  So, I guess the media decides that this is the end of a decade and who am I to argue?

Don’t worry though, I have no list for the last ten years and doubt that I will ever take the time to try and remember all that happened during that time.  One year, known as 2009, well that is easier.

If you really do not know me, or care to know me, you should stop reading now as none of this will hold any interest or relevance.  For anybody still with me…here is what I will remember about 2009.

Claire and Morgan graduate from high school.  Big party with family friends on the most beautiful day Indiana can offer.

Claire and Morgan decide to attend Purdue.  Break my heart that nobody chooses IU!

The memory of moving the girls to Purdue in August, setting up theri dorm room, and then leaving them.

Sorority only can appreciate these two words if you have lived it from the perspective of a dad.

Max and Rebecca are both rewarded for months of training by obtaining drivers licenses.  Freedom for kids and parents translates into a whole new set of problems.

Fishers High School, led by Claire and Morgan, win the Dance Nationals in Orlando..and we are all there with a quick trip to Disney after.

Rebecca joins the Varsity Dance team and starts to make a name for herself with no big sisters to shadow her.

Max continues his incredible career as a hockey goalie.  Starting varsity goalie with great stats.  A sport I never played and have learned to appreciate. Crazy system though for how you advance after playing in high school.

An incredible week spent with my parents, kids, Jennifer, Mary and Scott and their kids and John on the Enchantress of the Seas in the Caribbean to celebrate my parents 50th wedding anniversary.

Watching Gee and Papa take shots at Margaritaville in Georgetown Grand Cayman!

Watching Gee and Papa dance together on the actual night of their anniversary at an almost empty piano bar in downtown Indianapolis.

Watching Joey grow into a little boy I remember very well.  Sports crazy, knows and follows every team and plays any sport he can.

Seeing our almost 10 year old lab Jake start to suffer health issues that makes you realize how fast ten years really goes.

Thanking God for good health as all of my family had a good health year.

Enjoying endless evenings with neighbors sitting outside under the stars, next to a fire pit, or inside our homes, realizing the value in having a great community of friends.

Spending a few winter evenings with my in-laws Len and Sandy in Palmetto Florida while running back and forth between our Tampa and Fort Myers offices.

Being part of a relationsship that keeps working each and every day, despite the hurdles we face as part of a very unusual existence.  Just when I think we might have a few things figured out, a few new ones force us to work even harder! 

Days spent seeing, smelling, and existing at Fort Myers Beach. Who says work and relaxation can’t mix?

I am sure I forgot something, but this is what comes to mind first about 2009. Oh yea..I turned 50..but we all know that because between friends and family the party went on for two weeks-no joke!  What could have been the worst birthday, turned into the best ever.

Enough about 2009…time to turn the page.  Have a safe happy New Years and lets all be a part of making 2010 full of a page of great memories.

Merry Christmas To All!

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I am about to try and walk away from my computer for what is probably the longest separation of the year. Likely not to get back on it again until Saturday morning.  Christmas is that important.  Will spend today wth family, tonight church, presents and more family tomorrow.  With all the kids at different ages we have a ongoing celebration- age specific!

Santa_Reins_bigger.jpgIf you have young ones, this site is a lot of fun.  Let them track Santa and his progress toward your home.  It is also a great motivator to get them to bed tonight.  Check out the Norad Radar Santa tracker. 

Finally, my best to you for this most imporant Christian holiday.  If you do not celebrate Christmas, best wishes to you for the season. Happy Holidays.  
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The Second 50 Years!

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bucket.jpgSo I am now officially 50 years old and I still do not feel much different than I did ten years ago.  The biggest difference I notice is I seem to get injured more frequently (a hazard of having a five year old boy to play with) and it seems to take forever to heal!

Last Friday when I made the announcement through my blog that I was reaching this age milestone over the weekend I also took a second to elaborate on the simple fact that I think this marker does cause you to slow down a little bit and prioritize what is important.  I had made a list about 15 years ago reflecting the “100 things I wanted to do before I die” and upon reflection realized the irrelevance of this list now at 50.  Over the last few days I have had the chance to discuss this with several people.  I feel that I am not alone in discovering the importance of so many things that we miss when we are 30.  Some might call it the realization of mortality, but I believe there is a certain maturity to discovering what is truly important, not only to ourselves but to those who care about us.  Maybe it is the gift of turning 50 but it appears it is a discovery worth committing to!

I am not fond of the connotations of the Bucket List (ie kicking the bucket) but I like the idea of creating a list and making it public.  So, not that many care, but the following is my new Bucket List.  It covers a lot more than marching the Great Wall In China!

Joel Wilmoth’s Bucket List

Tell my wife I love her every day

Tell my kids I love them every day

Quit worrying about seems to take care of itself

Update my Will and estate plan

Complete annual physicals to include body, eyes, and teeth!

Make sure my kids leave college debt free

Embrace the ideas of mortality and use them to motivate right living

Say No to unimportant activities

Utilize any chance I have to be present with my kids and actually have conversations

Remember the feelings of romance on a regular basis (monthly with my wife of course!)

Keep our family photos and videos organized as a hobby but also as a legacy

Honor our family history and identify every chance to capture memories from my parents of their families and lives

Speak less, Speak quietly, Listen More

Mentor the younger.  Encourage the older

Find happiness no matter my circumstances

Do not let external factors (ie winter cold weather) determine my mood

Prioritize my relationship with God


I know this is a daunting list.  It sure is a good thing I have another 50 years to get it right!