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I had a rough day yesterday.  When it was over I realized I had neglected a number of things that should have been the most important parts of my day.  Instead I was wrapped up in the ridiculous circumstances that just seemed like piling on.   In retrospect, I have to do better.

Then I started to think about neglect.  When you neglect something it generally means it is not important.  There are different levels of neglect though.  The stress of the day yesterday caused me to neglect a few minutes I could have enjoyed with my son and wife.  Those are really important moments to me.  It is not the same as the neglect that occurs when you choose to eat pizza late at night every night!  Or is it?

How do you separate the levels of neglect?  Make a list of the three to five most important things to you.  Mine are my marriage, children, spirituality, business, and volunteer efforts. (Sorry Buddy the are not on this list but that does not mean I won’t feed you and take you out)!   Now I look at that list and the top three are non-negotiable.  When I have another day that feels like my luck is terrible and the world is crumbling around me, the top three will NEVER be neglected.

What can I neglect?  Eating crummy food, reading trash about politics and opinions that frustrate me, ridiculous reality TV shows, and I know I can keep this list going and going.  It is all things that suck out my remaining time and energy when it should be spent in better ways.

Figure out what you can neglect and what you never want to neglect.  Then lets all do our best to not neglect the important ones again!